An epiphany is defined as a sudden and profound realization. Sort of like when you remember where you left your car keys.

The people of the United States are fed up with their national government. They see it as too bureaucratic, too unresponsive, controlled by big money special interests, run by self serving career politicians, stalemated by partisan bickering, and out of touch with the great mass of the American people.

For too many years well intentioned voters and patriotic citizens have expended their time, effort and money supporting the election of candidates who have promised to change our national government only to discover that newly elected  politicians act just like the incumbents they ousted.

As the hectic scramble for the 2016 Presidential nominations has begun to dominate the news media, more and more Americans are realizing that our problem is not just the personnel in Washington. We are having a CONSTITUTIONAL EPIPHANY; a realization that the system itself has been twisted and broken by political ambition, official corruption and partisan power.

Indeed the time has come for CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM. If we are to keep the republic created in 1787, we must think again about how it was intended to operate; what it means to be a federal republic; what the proper role of the national and state governments must be. Our EPIPHANY is the sudden realization that our national House of Representatives does not represent the people as intended by the Framers of the Constitution; the Senate does not represent the States as it was designed to do; the Supreme Court does not decide cases and controversies as understood by our Founders; the President presumes to exercise powers completely unknown for the first 200 years of our history and the sovereignty and independence of the several states of the American Union have withered under the weight of federal funding and unfunded mandates from Washington D.C.

Article V of the United States Constitution provides that Congress shall call a convention for proposing amendments upon the request of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states. Despite more than 700 requests from 49 states, Congress has neglected and refused to consider its duty to call a convention.

It is time for the people to act. The people's convention is already in place.

You are invited to become a delegate and participate in the great work of Constitutional reform.